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November 22, 2017

Answers You Ought to Get Before Volunteering Overseas

Have you ever undertaken an expedition that never turned out as anticipated? Many students willing to take part in overseas volunteer work are justified to worry about whether or not the experience will offer the expected excitement and satisfaction in the end. But prior to getting on that plane to volunteer in Vietnam or Africa, ask the following questions to avoid any future disappointment:

Volunteer Work

What is the Right Agency to Volunteer With?

You could go directly to a local NGO or approach a third-party organisation that has partners in the country you wish to travel to. Finding a third-party agency may be easier because it may exist somewhere near you or online, as opposed to an NGO that does not engage overseas volunteers directly. However, find out what relationships the third-party agency may have with the local NGOs that you hope to work with once you set foot on the foreign country.

Carry out a background check on the organisation and write them as many emails as necessary until you establish the facts to the case. Does the organization seem to know what exactly their overseas partners are doing on the ground, and for how long have they been liaising with each other regarding charitable work?

How Much Time do I Have?

If you only have two free weeks, you may not have enough time to leave an impact on an overseas community. But if you’re to be a volunteer Vietnam charity programs can utilize, you need way more than just two weeks to spare. Most experts agree that the longer a volunteer stays within a community without being rotated, the bigger the impact they can have on the community. However, shorter-term volunteer work is also viable for certain types of activities, such as emergency disaster relief.

Am I the Right Person for the Work?

Developing countries may not have enough teachers, but that does not mean that anyone from overseas can fill that gap. So, accept a teaching job only if you’re good at and qualified for it. Just make sure your skill set matches the sort of placement you’re offered. That’s the only way you can contribute positively to any sort of volunteer work abroad.

Is this Particular Program Really Beneficial to the Local Community?

You want to help economically, socially, and even politically disadvantaged members of a third-world community. So ensure that the volunteer program you’re joining has an elaborate mechanism to accomplish its goals within the target community. Some volunteers travel abroad only to spend most of their time as tourists for lack of a clear project execution strategy.

What’s the Long-Term Plan for the Local People?

Vietnam travel may offer a chance for you to help vulnerable communities for months or a couple of years, but what next when you leave? Where do you fit in the project’s long-term plan, and will you be able to follow up on what’s going on there long after you’ve left. You’ll be delighted to know that you took part in volunteer work that continues to transform the lives of needy people even when you’re no longer available to contribute.