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January 10, 2018

Boating Holidays in Algarve

Algarve in Portugal is a tourist region. Its stunning coastal scenery, the beautiful beaches and natural reserves and wildlife all combine to make this region a popular destination for tourists. Therefore, much of the tourist activities in the region consist of exploring the great outdoors. If you are tired of the usual activities such as hiking, swimming, surfing and the like, why not experience a boating holiday with boat rentals Albufeira has to offer?


When you are looking for boat rentals Albufeira has to offer, there are different types of boats according to your type of trip and budget. There are three general categories available within the widely popular boat rentals Algarve industry: motor yachts, power boats, and sailing boats. To know the difference between each and what types of activities you can do for each boating holiday, read on below.


Motor Yachts
If you want to rent a boat that offers luxury, style and service, then you must rent a luxury yacht during your Portugal vacation. Most companies offer half and full day charters on these yachts. However, sunset cruises are most popular with boat rentals Vilamora has that offer a yachting trip. It provides you and your friends or family a private experience as you explore the breathtaking coastline in western Algarve, especially near Lagos.


A staff and crew is also on-deck to provide the services you need, such as your meals and assistance during the luxury cruise. There are set activities for the yachting trip but you are always free to customize the experience to suit your desires. If you can afford it, it is a must-try if you travel to Algarve in Portugal.


Power Boats
Renting a power boat is the best choice available for tourists who love a good adventure. There are several types of power boats around such as speed boats, wakeboard boats, and bow riders, to name a few. You must therefore look into each option and the types of activities you wish to enjoy while renting the boat. If you love the water and want to experience extreme water sports, this is the best option available during your holiday in Portugal.


Sailing Boats


If you do not like to enjoy a fast paced or thrilling ride, choose a sailing boat rental instead. This is one of the most popular types of boat rental services in Algarve. Sailing boats enable you to enjoy the beautiful ocean view, great winds, and maybe some dolphins, if you are lucky. In fact, Algarve is a popular spot for sailing enthusiasts. The generally flat seas and the consistent wind speed are two of the factors that make it so. Whether you are a novice or experienced sailor, you are guaranteed to enjoy a memorable holiday in Algarve. You can choose to rent either bare boat or skippered sailing boats.


A boating holiday in Portugal’s Algarve and Albufeira region is considered a luxury activity that only the rich can afford. Apparently, this is not the case. You simply have to choose the right type of boat rentals Albufeira has to offer to make your dream holiday come true.